Balcony Hanging Cloth Drying Rack

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Are You Struggling To Dry Your Clothes In Your Balcony ?

Introducing the Multi-Functional Balcony Hanging Cloth Drying Rack is easy to use in Belcony, Kitchen and bathroom. The Hook position is adjustable to be fixed in all window balconyes.

Multi-purpose Use:

Drying clothes, shoes, towels, socks, potted plants for sunlight; multiple scenes: balconies, radiators, windows, guardrails, etc. can be used.

🌦 Also it’s Very usefull for Rainy Days Indoor cloth Drying. Welcome it to your home by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ now!🌦


The plate on the drying rack is easily disassembled designed Can be folded when not needed its dose not take up space.


The main body of the drying rack is made of high quality metal, which is durable, anti-rust and with strong mesh structure, bearing up to 20kg stuff.


Made of ABS + stainless steel high carbon steel pipe

Adjustable Size 👇


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🚚 🚛 Estimated Delivery 3-7 Days 🚛 🚚


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We offer a Risk-Free 7 Day Return&Exchange Guarantee! CONTACT US within 7 days of receiving the order. Call Us: +91-3224796172 Whatsapp us +91-7001740516 or email us at .

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