Microfibre Car Cleaning Sponge


  • A handy 2 in 1 cleaning tool for car, bike, other vehicles, glass window, mirror, tiles etc. It has sponge on one side and microfiber strands on the other.
  • Sponge Will Not Scratch or Damage The Car Paintwork. Traps Dust, Dirt and Grease Particles Effectively.
  • For Polishing, Dry The Sponge and Lightly Wipe Down The Surfaces.Strap at the Back of The Sponge for Easy to Use.
  • Material: Microfiber


🧹Keep Your Every Corner Clean🧹

Keep everything around you super clean with This Microfibre wash & dry cleaning sponge from the house of Home Cube.


With the use of microfiber technology it can trap dirt, grease and dust particles from your car or bike without scratching or damaging the paintwork. With super-absorbent power, it can hold liquid up to 8 times its own weight. You can use the sponge for car, auto, bike, vehicles, household glass windows, mirrors, tiles, it has multipurpose uses.


Microfiber Strands-Say Goodbye to Scratches

This car washing sponge comes with microfiber strands that are soft and no lint. It also leaves no scratch to the car paint and other exquisite surfaces and gives you no swirl finish.

Superior Microfiber Technology

  • High density fiber effectively sucks dust.
  • Coral shape covering a large surface area.
  • Foam filling, good water absorption, maintains adequate absorption while in use.
  • Comfortable & convenient elastic straps.
  • Use for dry & wet cleaning.
  • Soft textures, fine craftsmanship, does not leave scratches.
  • Can be used for cleaning glasses, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, flooring & other surfaces.


Sponge can be use for both wet and dry. Suitable for every use. Microfiber cleaning sponge is easy to use.


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