Reusable Vacuum Space Saver Bag(5Bags+Hand Pump)

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Is your cupboard overflowing with seasonal clothes, pillows or blankets?

Store Your clothes, blankets, pillows, quilts, towels, woollens and a lot more, like a PRO! With This convenient, smart & effective Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags.

The Smartest Space Saving Solution

  • Three times more items in your wardrobe, luggage, suitcase or backpack. For your clothes, towels and blankets. Increase your packing space UP TO 80%. And don’t worry, the items will retain their shape when taken out.

  • 3X Storage Space: As every season requires swapping clothes out of the wardrobe, vacuuming helps create 3X storage space in the wardrobe for various seasons.

  • Ever noticed that musty smell when you bring out your clothes from seasonal storage?

These Vacuum storage bags are air-tight with it’s Double-Zip Seal & a Triple-Seal Turbo Valve technology provide anti-microbic & sanitary material keeps your items fresh & safe from mildew, bacteria, dust or insects, making it the useful for any purpose and under multiple conditions.

  • Our waterproof & Airtight bags Easily protect your packed clothing from odour, bugs, and dirt.

Also It will Help Travellers a Lot

Bonus for all Travellers & Backpackers. So, if you are traveling and want to travel light, these Vacuum Storage ziplock bags will help you save MOST of your luggage space with MORE items you can pack.

Remember, when you had to buy and carry an extra suitcase for all the gifts for your loved ones? Well, not anymore!

So, repacking for the return trip to your beautiful home won’t be a hassle anymore with this Reusable Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bag & travel friendly Hand Pump.


PACKAGE INCLUDES: PACK OF 1: 5 Bags (2 SMALL, 2 MEDIUM, 1 LARGE)+Hand Pump, PACK OF 2: 10 Bags (4 SMALL, 4 MEDIUM, 2 LARGE)+Hand Pump, PACK OF 3: 15 Bags (6 SMALL, 6 MEDIUM, 3 LARGE)+Hand Pump

BAG SIZE: SMALL (50x70cm), MEDIUM (60x80cm), LARGE (70x100cm)

SMALL: Suitable for double sweaters and some clothes. – MEDIUM: Suitable for 5-6 Jackets or 10 sweaters. – LARGE: Suitable for Bedding, Pillow, bedsheet etc.

How To Use Properly

Easy 4 Step follow instructions are provided on every Box


✅6 MONTH REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We have worked hard to design one of the best vacuum storage ziplock reusable Variety compression bags that you can buy with top-notch quality & functionality, If any of the Space Saver Bag don’t hold their seal,, we will send you replacements for FREE with no questions asked. also we will give you Risk-Free 7 Day Return Guarantee! just msg us or call us. Details provided below.

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We offer a Risk-Free 7 Day Return&Exchange Guarantee! CONTACT US within 7 days of receiving the order. Call Us: +91-3224796172 Whatsapp us +91-7001740516 or email us at .

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